We have over 15,000m2 of organic nature paradise overlooking the ocean waiting for your group to explore and enjoy. We're an active but non-commercial organic farm providing eco experiences for both overseas and local groups who want to use our venue to run their program or want us to create and run a program for them.


The property was purchased in 2012 initially to create a special home for our family but with a change in life circumstances in 2014, the project took on a whole new focus of becoming a education centre focused on enhancing lifestyle and environmental education and from there the project focus grew.

Since 2019 it’s become a awesome venue for groups.

From 2012 building commenced starting with the 'Small' Happy House (bamboo house) and compost area and water tower. The real building started in March 2013 laying the foundations for the Happy House and the water system tanks, recycle water system and biogas tank system.

Building has continue now non-stop throughout 2013 and early 2014 with the upgrade of the Little Happy House into the home of David, Carol and little Kyra, and in Oct 2014 the ground floor new workshop and guest accommodation space in the Happy House was completed.

In April 2016 the fish pond was completed supplying us with organic fish and 150,000 litres of stored water for use on the farm at the end of the dry season in April/May each year.

2018 saw the installation of 2 more fish ponds, organic fish food ponds and a deep 100 foot bore well.

2019 saw the Sky View kobo completed - a beautiful nipa roof, earth-sack building with amazing sea views.

By 2020 it is envisioned that the swimming pool will be in place as part of the water project naturally cleaned using reed beds and copper and silver ions.

'Student' and work-based groups can come to stay and run their projects or we can support their projects with organic farm based activities like mud building.

The property is a smoke-free zone and alcoholic spirits free zone - beer is ok. Portable devices are ‘banned’ at meal times :)

Forest details

Category Integrated farm
Land area 1.50 hectare
Age 12 years, 10 months
Access On request
Address Gumot-Nagcolaran Barangay Road
Brgy. Gumot
Rosario, La Union
Elevation 68 meters