La Fermette (french word for “small farm”) is an ecological and integrated farm (PGS certified) based in Tacunan, Mintal. We live our farming and cooking passion by protecting the environment in congruency with the natural ecosystem and biodiversity. In that way we are trying to be more on symbiosis with the nature and trying to be interdependent, living together in a harmonious way.

A dairy farm

La Fermette is a natural dairy processing farm. Few years ago we decided to naturally grow our small cows herd to provide healthy conscious customer with fresh, delicious, chemical and hormone-free milk.

For this, we care so much of our cows (Dolly, Lilly, Beauty, Emily, Duday and Moomay) by supplying them with fresh cut grass daily, natural homemade concoctions and alternative medicines as much as possible.

We craft our own dairy delights

We process as much of our milk as feasible by bottling it, and crafting homemade dairy delights such as butter, kefir yogurt, cream cheese, herbed cheese spread, aged cheese etc... and using it in the homemade foods we serve at our farm CAFÉ Bistro.

Forest details

Category Integrated farm
Land area 2.00 hectare
Age 34 years
Access On request
Address Purok 8
Tacunan, Davao Region