Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. (LIFI) comprises of a demo farm, bakery operations and manufacturing factories that distribute to both local and international markets. It strongly advocates organic farming and healthy living.

We are often viewed as a typical farm that teaches and practises organic farming, but we have been doing more. We are the company that care for mother nature and the people that live with us. That includes you.

LIFI administers meticulous and conscientious methods in making the farmland fertile. It uses animals’ waste and African nightcrawler worms. The waste becomes known as vermicompost – a natural fertilizer – and it goes back to the land. This organic fertilizer showers LIFI with high-quality harvest.

The staunch advocacy in organic farming by LIFI stems from the CEO’s inconvenient experience when he was a younger farmer. He had been hospitalized as a result of the use of chemical fertilizers. From then on, he had deliberately declared that he would never use harmful chemicals in farming.

LIFI has been known internationally as a major exporter of organic coconut syrup and coconut aminos seasoning to several countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia. In the local market, LIFI has been offering Donnabelle products such as turmeric tea and coconut sugar.

Forest details

Category Integrated farm
Land area 5.00 hectare
Age 15 years, 10 months
Access On request
Address Purok 4
Brgy. Eman
Bansalan, Davao del Sur