Vaikuntha Forest Farm is located in one of the last remaining rainforests of the Philippines, the Sierra Madre mountains in Tanay, a breath from the Quezon border. Mountainous (as in, no flat spaces), with an arduous access, Vaikuntha is more than a farm of organic fruits, herbs & veggies. It’s a place to learn, to unwind, to detox, to get well and fit, to meditate.

We have events scheduled once a month, and then some. Call or email us if you wish to know more. Our produce is transported by sheer muscle strength and bangka (when the river is high) and can occasionally be a death-defying endeavor! Watch our videos on fb.

The farm is being geared towards planting EVERYTHING we eat, plus everything that we need to preserve our health--medicines and such. We are not only passionate about organic and natural, we breathe, live it. By buying from VFF, you are part of this noble endeavor to help ease Mother Earth's increasing burden.

As you may know, small organic farms such as ours are seasonal and unpredictable at times--so the item list flows with the season. Anyone who wants some of our produce wholesale or retail, or book an event, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you!

Forest details

Category Forest garden
Land area
Access On request
Address Brgy. Daraitan
Tanay, Rizal
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